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  • Thus, teacher can take this advantage by using many different formats and modes to teach, such as combination of lecture, text and hands-on laboratory to convey information.

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  • These are ; the approach is time and energy consuming as it leads learners to have the appropriate concept of the rule.
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  • Therefore, multimedia supports the transferring of knowledge sufficiently and offers good environments for students to avoid feeling bored in the classroom.
  • In direct method the rules of the language are supposedly acquired out of the exprience of the understanding and repeating examples which have been systematically graded for diffuculty and put into a clear context.
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Education - Wikipedia Multimedia is a high-end computer systems.

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Teaching and Learning

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  1. Deductive reasoning happens when a researcher works from the more general information to the more specific.
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  3. This happens quite a bit, in fact.
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